Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa Land

We ventured out to Santa Land tonight and had quite the little adventure! Since we're kinda VIPs-- we were first to see Santa tonight!

Like most children-- ours loved Santa and Mrs. Claus! haha!

After a lot of persuading and sitting in front with Mommy and Daddy-- the kids agreed to not scream. I hate that we didn't get a picture but we were able to talk Harley into giving Santa and Mrs. Claus a high five. :)

We had to stand in front of the HUGE tree-- although Kaden didn't feel like looking AT the camera-- he seems to think he's too cool for pictures.

Of course-- we HAD to see Dora and Swiper! Harley was sure to tell him "no swiping!" :)

We took a few pictures of the girls and Kaden but I think this one was my favorite. Kielah was too busy looking at all the lights, Harley has a deer in the headlights look, and Kaden's cheesing it up :)

Right before we left, Aunt Kim got the kiddos lollipops and they LOVED them (as did their hair, clothes, Daddy's chin, and Mommy's forehead) Thanks Aunt Kim!

Overall (aside from the sheer terror of Santa) we had a great time! :) It was nice being on the other side of the line for a night!

Maybe next year we'll skip the whole crying episode and just go see Santa!


  1. the two bottom pics are far my fav!!

  2. The sucker picture is adorable!! Oddly, I think I know that Santa and Mrs. Claus... I think I'm friends with Mrs. Claus on fb.